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    Are you up to speed in the best construction administration techniques?

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    LEARN. CONNECT. SUCCEED. Programs on best construction management processes for city, school, utility, and county executives and officials and private sector providers.

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      Earn professional development education credits from TML.org, TBPE, and other organizations when you participate in our programs.

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Why the CPC

The Center for Public Construction  was created for public sector executives to:

  1. LEARN – we provide training targeted at the public sector executive level. We believe public executives, from top staff to Board/Council members, should be empowered to provide the best administration for their projects.
  2. CONNECT – we provide ways to connect not only to other public owners, but also to ALL providers to construction projects.  Not just architects, engineers and contractors, but providers for utilities, accessibility, regulatory issues, financial services, legal services, and commissioning to name a few. There is no single group that brings together all providers for public owners (or private for that matter).
  3. SUCCEED – we provide the tools and resources public owners need to deliver construction projects that fulfill promises made. We help you restore taxpayer trust through successful project delivery.

The Center for Public Construction (CPC) is focused on any public owner that spends taxpayer funds on construction of any type or size.  We are also for all providers in the industry in terms of showing them how to work with public owners. So, if you represent a public entity, or provide services to a public entity, the CPC can help you improve your delivery.  And, if you pay taxes, rest assured knowing there is finally a group that is not only dedicated to spending your money wisely, but can actually train your representatives to do so.

Teach a man to fish…