The Center for Public Construction (CPC) was started in June 2012. Prior to that, CPC founder Casey Sledge, spent almost a year in discussion about the need for a training program on the best construction techniques, bridging the gap between intergovernmental groups and others, and the true role of the public construction owner.

There was great support for such an effort from city, county  and school officials, public works directors, and public construction providers of all kinds including architects, engineers, contractors and the trades.

In addition, participants at Mr.Sledge’s presentations at conferences sponsored by the Texas Municipal League (TML), Texas Association of School Board Executives (TASB), and Public Works Directors were very interested.

Some of these people are part of the CPC’s initial Advisory Board.

About CPC Founder Casey Sledge, PE, AICP. CFM

  • Texas Licensed Professional Engineer, #84818
  • Nationally Licensed Certified Planner – AICP
  • Nationally Licensed Certified Floodplain Manager

Casey Sledge has delivered over 100 successful construction projects to Texas cities and schools for over 18 years.

In addition, he has been a popular and requested speaker throughout Texas to school boards and councils as well as to TML and TASB members. He brings to his training programs extensive knowledge and expertise on budgeting, planning, design and construction along with successful project delivery methods, risk management, strategy and negotiation skills.

First as a vested city employee and then as an award-winning business owner, speaker and presenter, Mr. Sledge has developed an approach and methods that any public construction owner can learn and implement that will reduce inefficiencies and save taxpayer money while bridging the gap between stakeholders.