Successful construction projects are critical to public owners. Nothing can affect your financial status, political standing, and public perception as easily.

As a Board or Council member, top executive or top professional staff member, you understand your role in successful operations. But probably no one ever taught you the real responsibilities to focus on in your construction projects.

The simple fact is that construction projects are very complex and difficult to manage. They are moving targets with multiple personalities. Simply selecting a design team and hoping for good bids is not enough. This is especially critical with the today’s budget limitations.

You need to know how to deliver cost-effective projects with confidence and eliminate unnecessary spending. The Center for Public Construction curriculum is designed to do just that.

If you are a Provider, you need to understand your role to make your next capital project more cost effective and successful for the Public Construction owner.

The Center for Public Construction’s approach is to reduce costs while increasing project value. That can only happen if the public construction owner (superintendent, school board member, council member, city manager, utilities manager, or county official) takes control of their project. Control is possible because the owner has and inspires confidence in others in an atmosphere that creates and maintains a high standard of efficiency.