The Center for Public Construction considers its highest goal to create certified Public Construction Administrators (PCA). This is  great opportunity for our members to get the management assistance they need if they don’t have a PCA on staff.

PCA’s have:

  • A working knowledge of construction budget and planning, including design, construction, maintenance and capital improvement.
  • The ability to plan for and address traffic, security, and other related issue.s
  • A process to engage other public and private stakeholders in the project and keep them informed.
  • The highest ethical standards.

To become a PCA, members must demonstrate their knowledge and expertise of the CPC’s Standard of Efficiency. This includes the training and tools to validate that each public project:

  • Meets the highest design and construction standards.
  • Makes the best use of the public’s money.
  • Maintains the public’s trust.
  • Encourages communication and cooperation between all relevant entities and interested parties.
  • Fulfills promises made to the public.
  • Maintains the highest ethical standards and practices.

The Center for Public Construction will provide a list of PCAs when contacted by a city, county, hospital district, utility, or school.