Is your Public Construction Management up to Speed?

• September 19, 2012 • Comments (0)

Construction for local governments like Cities, Schools, Utilities, and Counties is more complicated than you ever anticipate.  Most City Managers and School Superintendents that have experienced a construction project will tell you they encountered a lot of surprises and learned the hard way.  Or worse, they aren’t even aware of the problems or waste thanks to today’s delivery methods and practices.

If your public construction project doesn’t end with a lawsuit, consider it successful
Jerry Vaughn, Superintendent of Schools

 In my 18 years of administering public construction projects as an owner’s representative, I have learned:

  • There is a significant gap between public sector executives’ construction knowledge and the need to fulfill promises made to the public.
  • It is very difficult for public owners to connect to all the providers encountered in a construction project.
  • Public construction projects just aren’t as successful as they should be. Taxpayer trust is too low and we are not getting the most cost effective results. It is my belief that projects paid by taxpayers funds should set the industry standard, not be the joke of the construction industry.

Do you agree?

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